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Whisky Mac Pay

Whisky uruguayo Mac Pay

Whisky Mac Pay El Whisky Mac Pay es fabricado por la “Compañía ANCAP de bebidas y alcoholes S.A.” en la República Oriental del Uruguay. Producido por ANCAP desde la decada del 70, y conocido por su marketing asociado a campeonatos de Truco, no es solo un whisky muy vendido a nivel nacional …

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Whisky J&B

Whisky J&B Rare Scotch Whisky The J & B whiskey, also known as Justerini & Brooks, is one of the best-selling Scotch whiskeys in the world. It is distributed by the company “Diageo”. Preparation: Balanced flavor and soft, pleasant taste and produces a long lasting. The J & B whiskey …

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Whisky Glenfiddich

Logo Whiskey Glenfiddich

The Whisky “Glenfiddich” is a little known brand in our country, and hard to find outside the specialized environments, but has much prestige abroad. It is manufactured by “William Grant & Sons Distillers Ltd”. Founded in 1886 by William Grant in Dufftown, Scotland, on the River Robbie Dhu.

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Whisky Chivas Regal

Whisky Chivas Regal - edición especial 25 años

The Whisky Chivas Regal appears on the scene for the year 1801 in the old Scotland, produced by Chivas Brothers Company in the city of Aberdeen (Scotland). The distillery that manufactures it is “Strathisla”, from which the town of Keith, on the banks of the River Spey. Chivas is a …

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Whisky Buchanans

Whisky Buchanan’s Scotch whiskey produced in Scotland by Diageo. Like other Scotch whiskeys, whiskey Buchanans campaign was created in Scottish, in the late 19th century. Just in 1897, Mr. James Buchanan, in partnership with Lowrie (Blended whiskey known businessman of the time), Tauchen selected farm as a place to install …

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Whisky Black and White

Whisky Black-And-White botella

B & W Whiskey or Black and White, first appeared in 1884, and its creator Mr. James Buchanan. At first his name was “Buchanan’s Blend”, after the name of its creator. Originally marketed as a white label on a black container, consumers began calling him simply as whiskey “black and …

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Whisky Ballantines

Whisky Ballantine’s Ballantine’s Scotch whiskey is a type of whiskey blended (mixture of whiskey), with a percentage of 40% alcohol. It is produced in England by the company “Chivas Brothers Ltd”. Surge in the town of Edinburgh in 1827, where founder George Ballantine, opened a small shop selling alcohol, when …

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Whisky or Whiskey?

The word whiskey is of Scottish origin, while Whiskey comes from Ireland. In practice, both terms refer to the liquid that comes from aging in wooden barrels, the ferment grain barley, rye, corn and other cereals. The term derives from the Scottish Gaelic Whisky “uisge beatha”, in the case of …

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How to taste a Whisky?

How to taste and appreciate a good whiskey? The first thing you notice is its appearance, looking up to the light, and observing its color. Its golden hues give us information that was aging in oak barrels.

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