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Whisky Burberrys

Whisky Burrberrys - en varias presentaciones

History of the Burberrys Whisky Whisky Burberrys, traditional scotch, dating from 1856, is one of the world’s oldest whiskeys. Its founder, Thomas Burberry (1835-1926) lover of hunting and nature, regularly frequented sports tournaments in the area. In these events were very frequent alcohol, being highly sought access to a quality …

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Whisky 100 Pipers

Whisky 100 Pipers, edición estándar de 1Lt.

Whisky 100 Pipers History and legend 100 Pipers whiskey: A legend in Scotland that if you take a good whiskey, gently hear the sound of a bagpipe. But if you have the chance to take a good scotch, then the experience will be very different, 100 hear bagpipes! Based on …

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Whisky Dunhill

Whisky Dunhill en tres presentaciones

Whisky Alfred Dunhill Scotch Whisky De origen escocés, el whisky Dunhill es un ejemplar muy raro y codiciado por los expertos catadores de whisky. Las estiquetas del whisky Dunhill conocidas son las siguientes: Dunhill Celebration Edition Blended Dunhill Centenary Blended Dunhill Crystal Decanter Blended Dunhill Gentleman’s Speyside Blend Dunhill Old …

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Whisky Jameson

Whiskey irlandés Jameson, edición Irish Gold Reserve

Jameson Whisky History: John Jameson was born on October 5, 1740, in Scotland, although most people think I was Irish, but lived most of his life there. While it is an error, it was well executed by the Irish who adopted John Jameson as one. There is a popular saying …

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Whisky Blenders

Whisky Blenders fabricado en Argentina - presentacion de un litro

Whisky Blenders Pride de orígen Indio: hemos tenido la posibilidad de probar esta bebida de mismo nombre, siendo el resultado la inmediata suspensión de la cata por la pésima calidad de este producto. Whisky Blenders – Past and present: The Blenders Pride is an Argentine product inspired blend of Canadian origin …

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Whisky Dunbar

Whisky Dunbar - Whisky producido en Uruguay

Whisky Dunbar The Dunbar Rare Old Whisky honors the place of his birth, on the River Spey in the town of Dunbar, Scotland. Rare Old Whisky Dunbar was born in Uruguay in 1981 being an ambassador for the Seagram’s Distillery, founded in 1857, with the mission to promote the core …

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Whiskey Jack Daniel´s

Jack Daniel´s It is one of the most famous brands of whiskey and loved the world, this is due to its classic presentation and that despite its high alcohol has a delicate taste and unique. The musical story relates directly to this Tennessee whiskey blues and rock’n roll, was the …

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Whisky J&B

Whisky J&B Rare Scotch Whisky The J & B whiskey, also known as Justerini & Brooks, is one of the best-selling Scotch whiskeys in the world. It is distributed by the company “Diageo”. Preparation: Balanced flavor and soft, pleasant taste and produces a long lasting. The J & B whiskey …

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Whisky Glenfiddich

Logo Whiskey Glenfiddich

The Whisky “Glenfiddich” is a little known brand in our country, and hard to find outside the specialized environments, but has much prestige abroad. It is manufactured by “William Grant & Sons Distillers Ltd”. Founded in 1886 by William Grant in Dufftown, Scotland, on the River Robbie Dhu.

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Whisky Chivas Regal

Whisky Chivas Regal - edición especial 25 años

The Whisky Chivas Regal appears on the scene for the year 1801 in the old Scotland, produced by Chivas Brothers Company in the city of Aberdeen (Scotland). The distillery that manufactures it is “Strathisla”, from which the town of Keith, on the banks of the River Spey. Chivas is a …

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