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Rob Roy

Rob Roy MacGregor in 1820

Rob Roy MacGregorWhisky Rob Roy

The name of this whiskey comes from Rob Roy MacGregor Scottish citizen who many have identified as the real Robin Hood. Rob Roy was a hero of that land, extolled their history through novels, arriving in 1995 shooting a film about his life which included starring Liam Neeson.

Rob Roy’s name is also used to designate a Manhattan-like cocktail.

It is produced by Morrison-Bowmore distillery obtaining a balance of smoky and sweet, with long, warm finish to the palate, topped with notes of cocoa and vanilla.

NOTE 5: It is valued as a whiskey for cocktails. In our market is hardly in its 5-6 years and has preferred to give entrance aged 12 years, although it has less quality than those of similar range.

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  1. quanto custa o whisky rob roy ?

  2. La versión Rob Roy de 12 años es agradable al paladar, pero no se lo puede comparar con un Johny Walker por ej. en cuanto a calidad, pero es 3 veces mas barato que éste último. Como opción a bolsillos modestos lo recomiendo ampliamente. Es mucho mejor que un Blenders y a mi criterio algo mejor que un White Horse de precio semejante. Un saludo !

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