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Gentleman Jack

Nacido en 1988, bajo el apelativo de “Rare Tennessee Whiskey” es un ejemplar especial de la familia Jack Daniel’s, con el cual la firma logró situar la calidad a la altura de un consumo norteamericano que se refinaba en dichos años.  De ahí que lo llamaran “Caballero”. Doblemente destilado en …

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Jim Beam

La dinastía ‘Beam’ Una herencia de siete generaciones ha hecho de éste el bourbon más vendido en el mundo.  Comenzó su historia como muchos otros, de la mano de un individuo en busca de fortuna en aquel recién independizado Estados Unidos.  En 1788 Jacob Beam, proveniente de la familia alemana …

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Whisky Blenders

Whisky Blenders fabricado en Argentina - presentacion de un litro

Whisky Blenders Pride de orígen Indio: hemos tenido la posibilidad de probar esta bebida de mismo nombre, siendo el resultado la inmediata suspensión de la cata por la pésima calidad de este producto. Whisky Blenders – Past and present: The Blenders Pride is an Argentine product inspired blend of Canadian origin …

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Whisky Dunbar

Whisky Dunbar - Whisky producido en Uruguay

Whisky Dunbar The Dunbar Rare Old Whisky honors the place of his birth, on the River Spey in the town of Dunbar, Scotland. Rare Old Whisky Dunbar was born in Uruguay in 1981 being an ambassador for the Seagram’s Distillery, founded in 1857, with the mission to promote the core …

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The Dublin Whiskey Company and its new distillery in Dublin

The company dublin whiksy the company has decided to invest some EUR 10 million to build its new Irish whiskey distillery and will feature the same center visitantes.La construction of the new distillery will measure more than 2,300 square meters and be able to produce approximately two million bottles desingle …

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Whiskey Jack Daniel´s

Jack Daniel´s It is one of the most famous brands of whiskey and loved the world, this is due to its classic presentation and that despite its high alcohol has a delicate taste and unique. The musical story relates directly to this Tennessee whiskey blues and rock’n roll, was the …

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Myths about Whisky

Let’s sense beforehand the myths mas extended in the world on the whiskey. Is it possible to drink a glass of whiskey while a cebiche is tasted? What would look like a species of ‘heresy’ for the lovers of this ancient drink is not any more than different of the …

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Bowmore and the new edition of Devil’s Cask

Following the success obtained by Bowmore last year, they have decided to release in the second limited edition of its popular Devil’s Cask. This new edition has only 90 bottles which seeks a sweeping like the previous time success. Devil’s Bowmore Cask has been matured for 10 years in sherry …

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Brand new strategies to reach audiences of young consumers over 18 years

Mac Pay logró asociar su nombre con las tradicionales partidas de Truco Uruguayo

The beverage alcohol brands looking to reach young people, connected with technology, through the transmission of values associated with their products over the Internet and social networks. To achieve this, focus on campaigns that aim to branded content and responsible consumption.  Las marcas de bebidas alcohólicas buscan llegar al público …

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