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Tullamore Dew


Tullamore Dew: el otro irlandés.

Logo del whiskey irlandés Tullamore DewHistory

In the geographical center of the island of Ireland is the town of Tullamore on the banks of the River Shannon. In 1829 the distillery was founded with the same name from the hands of famous distiller Michael Molloy. The location was perfect to be surrounded by excellent pure streams that feed the surrounding barley fields.

But the man who gave birth to this whiskey was Daniel Edmond Williams, who found work in the distillery at fourteen and spent his nights there. She eventually became an expert distiller, was elected as the general manager of the establishment in 1887, as the heir to the firm was not interested in running the business. It was a right decision. Daniel introduced improvements immediately and create and identify the distillery brand with your own initials. Eventually his family became the largest shareholder of the company. The grandson of Daniel, Desmond, later decided it was a good idea to represent the spirit of the seal through the image of the famous “wolf-dogs” of Ireland, which reflect what better understand the people of the island, loyalty, tradition , strength and friendship.

Etiquetas del whiskey Tullamore Dew
Etiquetas del whiskey Tullamore Dew

Twentieth Century: How most of the whiskey industry, it underwent a period of “dry law” in the United States, between 1919 and 1933, and a trade war with England in the thirties, which blocked the market and all the commonwealth to irnlandeses whiskeys. The company shrank to their lowest, but did not die. However, the distillery closed in 1959 and production moved to Cork in 1965, leaving the original city in the Tullamore Dew Heritage Centre. This fact, together with the founding of the Irish Distilleries Corporation in the seventies led all Irish whiskeys produced in only two places in County Cork and in Antrim. In 1994 he broke the monopoly of Irish whiskeys from the sale of the firm to the C & C International.

The authentic

That first product is known today as the Tullamore Dew, the original blend of Lime-themed notes and hints of spice. Their barrels are charred on the inside that makes it taste especially soft. For many, their particular sweet taste makes an excellent appetizer. Irish is the second brand sales in the world, being the fastest growing right now, leaving it as the No. 1 seller in Germany, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, among others. In the latter country, Latvia, sells more than any brand of Scotch.


N°1 en ventas en Alemania, Suecia, Polonia, República Checa y Letonia.
N°1 en ventas en Alemania, Suecia, Polonia, República Checa y Letonia.

He has won twenty-two gold medals in the last ten years and in 2005 the firm took the trophy from the International Spirits Challenge, the highest award of the beverage industry, competing with more than seven hundred brands worldwide. This issue is one that is in our market, and although it is known by the general consumer, has for many the top level of Irish whiskeys.

NOTE 7 – Compete with the best known Irish whiskey, Jameson’s, considering comparable quality in every way. As a plus point is that its lower price than the competition, is an excellent choice of quality.

Other products

The firm also produces a single malt 10 years of aging in barrels of bourbon, the only of its kind matured in four different types of wooden barrels.

Tullamore Dew Black
Tullamore Dew Black

Another is his “10 years old reserve” being triple distilled in American oak barrels and Spanish, highly valued for its quality and complex production, expressed in an incredible caramel aroma notes while fruit like apples and pears baked.

The representative of 12 years is the “Special Reserve”, considered a luxury blend. All used whiskeys are matured in old bourbon barrels and sherry. It is a copy that has won several awards in the world, including three consecutive years winning at the San Francisco World Spirits.

His latest creation is the “Black 43” a triple distilled blend offered in limited game, containing a higher alcohol content than the normal 43%.

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  1. Sin ser un especialista catador de whisky, cuando descubrí este whisky realmente me encantó. Sin esperar características de un 12 años, encontré un sabor exquisito y muy suave. Sin dudas que muy similar a Jameson, pero siempre me atrajo eso de descubrir nuevos sabores y no ir junto a la masa y la corriente (que sería en este caso el Jameson).
    Hace unos días me enteré que aparentemente el importador no lo va a traer más. Una lástima porque siempre es bueno tener chances de disfrutar diferentes calidades.


  3. Aún no lo he probado. Veremos.

  4. Mi gusta bastante es suave es perfecto para mi

  5. tengo una botella de jarrito con sus sellos y todo ha estado en la casa de mi mama por mas de 50 años, la queremos vender

  6. muy bueno me transporta a irlanda y sus paisajes

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