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Sir Edward’s

Bardinet, liquor company founded by Paul Bardinet in 1857, began to trade in sugar cane distillates between the Caribbean islands and the old continent, eventually creating the famous brand of Ron “Bold”.

The firm now has several types of beverages, distilled, wine, brandies, liquors, cocktails and whiskeys. Among its newest representatives is the Scot Sir Edward’s.

It is a blend matured in oak casks in Scotland, something smoked, long and clear the palate.

NOTE 5.5: He came to market in the early 2000s looking to compete in quality and price with other well known brands such as VAT, 100 Pipers.

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  1. Estoy interesado en la compra de un contenedor de 20 pies para Whisky Sir Edwars. Este whisky seria para el mercado de las Islas canarias

  2. Un prototipo de whisky barato, en Colombia un veneno de adolescentes

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