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Isle of Jura Superstition

Isle of Jura Superstition

The Isle of Jura in the west of Scotland, a town of less than two hundred inhabitants, a hotel, a road, thousands of local deer and a distillery, is a beautiful but unknown island off the most interested in the good whiskey circles.

Small and relatively isolated place on the island many legends woven inextricably linked to the production of Jura whiskey and Diurach family, they are more than 200 years experience in malts distillation.

The most traditional family representative whiskey’s Jura single malt is an extraordinary 10 years. Described by the inhabitants of the island as ‘water of life’, has a honey and caramel finish with smoky notes and sweet spices.


Diurach’s Own 16:

As preferred by the islanders, for those containing the Diurach family own qualities, copy 16 years delivers a combination of citrus flavors and bitter sweet chocolate finished with honey and caramel. NOTE: 9


The most famous of the ‘Jura’ is ‘Superstition’. Crowned with the Egyptian cross (Cruz Anj), symbol on the island is credited with the quality of lucky charm whenever you serve with the cross of the bottle on the palm.

It is a whiskey that balances the best spirits, malt, lightly roasted and smoky peat, spices and wrapped in fine touch to pines. NOTE: 8.5

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  1. El otro dia estuve en la isla y probé tambien el smoked y el double smoked,con muchisimo mas sabor a ahumado,lo estoy buscando ahora en Mallorca y no lo encuentro,sabeis cdonde puedo conseguirlo ??

  2. en barcelona hace tiempo que se encuentra en bastantes comercios especializados però con todo y asi no es fàcil de adquirir.
    en Mallorca es possible en la seccion gourmet del corte ingles

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