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Whisky Logan 12

Whisky Logan 12

Whisky Logan 12

Another unknown Scottish marketed by Diageo, but one of the most wanted come Lagavulin Distillery, one of the highlights of Scotland, in the region of the island of Islay.

It combines an excellent mix of peat, wood and barley combined sea-air, which gives it a unique character. The company produces its whiskeys with a delay of several hours in the distillation, between 5 and 9. In addition, for many years the establishment was maintained with low production of stock, which made ​​it even more unaffordable.

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  1. Necesito saber si pueden enviarme una botellas a Chile.

  2. Good afternoon: I^m interesting how much this kind of whiskey cost. Could you help me plese.
    I will really appreciate this.
    thank you

  3. Excelente whisky, ojalá haya oportunidad de encontrarlo nuevamente en México.

  4. Lo probare ahora jejjejej desde Chile ojala sea bueno

  5. Tengo para la venta,una botella de este whisky si alguienesta intersado enviar mensaje a mi correo

  6. Aqui en Argentina hay y tengo aun una botella cerrada, se comercializa a U$S 100, si alguien la desea aviseme cuanto antes

  7. Eu tenho esse em casa e vendo por apenas 100 Reais. Logan 12 Anos 1 litro 43%. 2004.

  8. Les comento un sitio para amantes del whisky, donde hallaran cuadros espejados unicos con marcas de whiskies. Saludos!

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